Chance move's unique technology research and development capabilities enable our automated pressing equipment to cope with various types of high-strength sheet and coil processing

  • According to different materials and production needs to provide a unique mechanical structure design, Chance move's 3 in 1 uncoiling, straightening and feeding equipment can handle high-strength materials up to 9.0mm thick and 1800mm wide.

  • In the large motor stator rotor pressing industry, the traditional slow blanking production line is generally adopted in China, and Chance move is the first servo feed line equipment supplier in China that can achieve a speed of 60 meters per second.

  • Each leveling feed roller must be tested by a quality engineer to ensure a radial runout of<0.01mm and a hardness standard of HRC60 ±2.

  • The humanized design of the operating system shortens the preparation work, and the advanced automatic diagnosis system assists the operator to quickly control the performance of the machine.