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Coil Feeding Manufacture & Solution
Chance move provides a series of pressing peripheral solutions and related supporting equipment for domestic and foreign customers. The main products include uncoiler, straightener, feeder, 2 in 1 uncoiler and straightener,3 in 1 series uncoiler straightener feeder.More than 100 kinds of pressing peripheral equipment and coil processing solutions.In the field of high-strength steel plate processing, Chance move has an excellent customer reputation and maintains long-term cooperation with many well-known auto parts manufacturers. For small and medium-sized pressing companies, our technical team can also ensure that the equipment can fully meet customer requirements through preliminary feasibility application testing and later verification and optimization.In the production process, Chance move strictly controls the product in its incoming, processing, whole machine and shipment links according to the ISO9001 quality control system to ensure product performance and quality. Several series of products have obtained the EU CE certification Tested by German TUV and other institutions.

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    Chance Move is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in high-precision automated stamping production line equipment. The products are selling all over the world and widely used in precision stamping parts, automobiles, home appliances, telecommunications, digital electronics, aerospace, energy, military, mold and other related fields.

    We have a technical team with 16 years of rich industry experience, which makes Chance move the industry's top automation equipment manufacturer. Many of Chance move's core technologies are at the domestic leading level. At the same time, we also have a long-term and stable industry new talent training program.

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    With the rapid development of the automotive industry, its demand for stamping high-strength sheets is also rising rapidly.

    Chance move's unique technology research and development capabilities enable our automated pressing equipment to easily handle all types of high-strength sheet and coil processing.

    According to different materials and production needs to provide a unique mechanical structure design, Chance move's 3 in 1 decoiler,straightener and feeder equipment can handle high-strength materials up to 9.0mm thick and 1800mm wide.

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    Quality inspection

    Quality inspection is often a link that is easily overlooked by the manufacturing industry, but it directly affects production efficiency and product quality.

    Chance move's quality control team has quality engineers who are specifically responsible for process inspection. Multiple inspections ensure that production and assembly are carried out according to standard processes.

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Our technical service staff will teach your operators the knowledge needed to operate your automation equipment.Through close cooperation with customers, we can conduct a detailed analysis of your equipment and related production processes, and then propose a feasible optimization plan to improve the performance of the equipment.