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Punch automation production

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Punch automation production

Issue Time:2020-05-08
There are many types of punching machines used in the stamping industry. Many enterprises have adopted automated production lines for production to improve production efficiency.

The realization of the stamping automatic production line requires the production facilities supporting punching machines, including uncoilers, straighteners, and feeders (if you do not need leveling, you do not need a straightener)

The uncoiler is also called a material rack.
It is a device for unwinding the coiled material and sending it to the subsequent models for stamping. It has a small footprint, a large carrying capacity, and a wide range of use. It can be used as an unwinding and rewinding machine. It can be customized according to the customer's coil weight requirements, and is necessary equipment in the stamping production line.

The straightening machine is also called leveling machine.
It is a device for leveling the surface of the material. It is pressed by two sets of misaligned leveling rollers to achieve the purpose of leveling. There are many options such as thin plate, medium plate, precision, etc., which are suitable for the leveling of materials with different widths and thickness .

It is a conveying equipment that accurately sends materials to the punching machine for punching.
The more common is the NC servo feeder. The operation is simple. Only a batch of stamping production can be completed by entering the feeding parameters into the control panel.
High stability, the function of multi-stage feeding can be set.
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